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We are PERFETTI a Colombian-Italian company
that produces chocolate bars "Bean to Bar".

Our handmade chocolates are made with Colombian criollo cocoa of excellent quality, we work with the best of our land, we verify the water sources and nearby crops, ensuring that our cocoa is safe, we ensure good practices from the tree, carefully harvested, we highlight flavors by stopping to detail in the fermentation, the drying is in the sun in a slow and controlled way, the toasting is done according to the cocoa bean looking to preserve its delicacy and flavor, then process and let it rest like the good wines, until it is ready to become the chocolate bar that you want to delight you and those you love, being a gift for exclusive palates like yours.

Each of our chocolates are of unique origin for you to enjoy the best of our land, they are silky, almondy, caramelized and some make you remember the tangerines of the farm, others the sweet taste of the desserts of grandmothers, but all are made with love, joy, and we bless every moment of the process.

artisan chocolate


Colombian soil
artisan chocolate